Year Two 109/365 : Military Time

Most people in America call the 24 Hour Clock... Military Time. When I say this Andy always always laughs and says 'Christine it's just time there is no Military about it.'

When we moved over I knew the digital clocks would be in this format and it did take me a long time to get used to it. I used to have to always do math in order to tell the time.

But I can happily say now that when I look at a clock I know right then and there what time it is. When I look at this clock I see 6:13pm.

Hooray for knowing what time it is.

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Anonymous said...

You just keep calling it military time because that's what it is. In the US only the military tell time that way. I'd be the same way, always subtracting 12 to figure out what time it is. Who wants to work that hard to tell time?