Year Two 116/365 : Costco Love

Andy and I went to Costco so that I could try a new cat litter. I have to say that the clumping cat litter they have over here is terrible! The only excuse I can think of is that most cats here are indoor/outdoor cats and maybe there are not a lot of indoor litter boxes?

I don't know the reason but it sucks. I was doing some research online and found that Costco had Litter Purrfect. I never used it in the States but my theory is that if it comes from the US where they have a lot of good clumping litters it may be better than what I can find over here. Oh and also the litter at stores like Pets At Home, Asda and Tesco is VERY expensive. I was able to get Litter Purrfect at Costco and have just changed out the entire litter box so I will let you know how it holds up. It was also way cheaper than anything at those other stores.

As you can see while I was there I also found Ziploc bags! I was soooo excited! How silly is it of me to be excited by Ziploc bags? Yes you can get a 'cheap' version of them here but to be they are just not as good in my opinion.

I also wonder about the lack of 'name brands' here in the UK. I mean if you think of storage bags what name comes to mind? Ziploc. If you think tissues what name comes to mind? Kleenex. It is not like that here. The bags you can buy are simply made by the store you buy them in. For example 'Tesco Freezer Bags' and 'Asda Freezer Bags'.

I find it very odd.. this lack of branding.

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Kim said...

Umm...I get excited if my mom sends me something that happens to be inside a Ziploc bag! I clean it out and reuse it! I can only imagine how exciting it is to get a whole box!

Smocha said...

How about that lame Tesco cling wrap? I depise it!

We use "worlds best cat litter" It is expenive but it last a long, long time.

i wish WE had Costco :(

Erin said...

I must admit I was also very, very giddy when I realized Costo carried Ziploc bags over here! The store branded versions over here are horrible! =)