Year Two 119/365 : Carrot Cake.. From Scratch!

I bought some carrots the other day because I have been craving carrot cake and decided I would buckle down and make one from scratch. I made one once before when Andy and I were living with my Mom just before we moved to England and it turned out really well.

When I opened the package of carrots I was shocked to see the different sizes of carrots that were in there. I mean usually most carrots are near enough the same size but look at the differences in these! I have put a normal sized pen in the picture for comparison.

I shall start by saying that this it he largest carrot I have ever seen in my life! I have also never seen a 'double' carrot before.

I am happy to say that the carrot cake and the home made cream cheese icing turned out beautifully! Yummy!!

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