Year Two 97/365 : Winter Wonderland

Well you guys may be tired of all of the snow pictures that I post but I'm not! Today was the best snow we have had so far.

Went to bed last night with a tiny bit on the ground... would call it a dusting. And woke up at 6:45am to this! Our 10 minute drive to work took an hour and somehow I was there on time.

Now... other than the beautiful snow that was still falling (hard) the above photo was the highlight of my day. This semi-truck decided to stop by our office to ask for directions, bad mistake! As you can tell in the photo there is a bit of a hill and... he got stuck. A bunch of co-workers had to go out in their work clothes with shovels and cardboard to try to help the truck driver back out. It was so funny. It would look like he was going to get out and then he would stop spinning his tires and he would go back down. Ha!

Seriously not sure what these cars were doing except causing a pain for other people to get in and out. But seriously look at the size of the flakes in this photo... they were huge!

Andy and I left at 11:30am and you can tell here how much more it had snowed from 8:00am to 11:30am. The area around the antenna had not been cleared all the way off earlier but everything else was cleared. That is another few inches at least!

Now last but not least my crazy neighbors again. First they leave their clothes out in the pouring rain (to see proof click here) and now they are out in the snow. But really this photo is to show you how wet this snow is. Look how it is wrapped around the clothes line. That is amazing!

However we all know what is going to happen to this wet snow tonight when the temperature is below freezing... And it is calling for a little more snow overnight. Can only imagine how we are going to get into work tomorrow.

I took a lot more photos throughout the day so please feel free to take a look at them by clicking on the link below.

The "Big" Snow ~ January 5th, 2010

High: 31°
Low: 25°
Forecast: Snow
Sunrise: 8:26 AM
Sunset: 4:06 PM

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Smocha said...

We're having our big snow right now down here in Hampshire ,looks like about 3 or 4 inches so far. Now I just hope my hubbys plane can land tomorrow.

Oh and can you give me a ride to the store? LOL

snowelf said...

It's snowing here too--but at least we got a snow day and didn't have to go out in it. :) I think snow is beautiful, but it's such a nuisance here cause it freaks people out.

Poor semi driver! What a mess--but it was so sweet of you guys to try and dig him out.