Year Two 136/365 : Forgot The Sugar

Had to run back to Sainbury's this morning because I forgot to pick up sugar last night. My only complaint about the new store is that the shopping cart (aka trolley) requires you to pay for the use. Yes you get your £1.00 back when you return the cart but still... It does make it a pain in the butt.

I carry this little token around with me on my keys so that I don't have to dig out my wallet to get a pound but it is still annoying. Do people really steal carts? Or is this so that carts are not left all over the place? When you have these devices on them you have to walk them back to where they are kept so that you can get your money/token back. Maybe that is why they use them.

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The New Mrs. C said...

Sometimes I think I should carry around a small pair of pliers in order to get my token out of the cart.

Do you find that yours gets stuck sometimes??

bricarwaller said...

I thought those carts were terrific when we lived in Germany. Any time I'm at any various American store and there are carts littered all over the parking lot, I always think to my self the Europeans have us beat on that one.