Year Two 142/365 : I Have Been Called Worse!

All of us at work had a big laugh about this fax that came for me from a client today. Of course due to data protection I had to block a lot of words out but I kept the funny bit...

What gets me is that the person that sent it never once mentioned my accent for me being from America. So it was very funny that they added this to the fax. Was very funny!

I am still surprised that not more people ask me about where I am from. Seeing how I speak to people on the phone all day you would think it would come up more. Especially since I can't get on a bus or speak to somebody in a store without getting the dreaded "You are not from around here are you?" or the "Are you American?" questions.

Don't get me wrong I get asked at least once or twice a week on the phones at work but seeing how I speak to around 40 people a day it is not so bad.

Once I was asked if I was from Scotland though! That was a shocker. Then when I said no I was from the US she asked which state. I told her I was from Illinois but lived in Texas for the last three years and she said "Oh yeah, Texas that is the one by New York right?" I just said yes.

The funniest ones are when I get asked "Where are you from?" and I say "America" and then they try to be all rude about it and say "Well I know that I mean from which state".

The people at work think that when asked I should just start saying "I was born and grew up right here in Chorley". That would be pretty funny as most people at work are from Chorley and they do have a pretty thick accent. I wonder if the people asking would question it or just go with it.

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snowelf said...

Hehehe! That is very funny about the Chorley accent. You should totally start doing that. :D

My co-worker is from SouthHampton and I have no idea where that is over there, so I feel like the lady who thought Texas was the one next to NY. :)

EJ is very sweet about sharing things from England with us though. He was teaching us phrases (something about a creamed cracker for being tired) and he also is headed over there in a few weeks for a big rugby game, so he promised to bring us back some English candy they don't have over here. It's also very funny because you know how we Americans LOVE English accents, so every time he has to help a customer, they question him repeatedly about where he's from and how he ended up over here. (I love it when they think he's from Australia)

He also really likes Twixes. :)