Tiles.. Tiles... and more Tiles...

So, as I mentioned before I am busy trying to find ways to keep myself occupied during this whole long drawn out buying process.

For now this task appears to be kitchen tiles.  There is not a whole lot of tiled space in the current layout of the kitchen but the tiles that are there do not make me happy at all.  They are very white, very boring and not my style at all.  So I've been looking around for just the perfect tiles to redo the job and I think I finally found them!

The name of these tiles are 'Zanzibar' and in total there are seven different colors.  Here are some photos from a tile website of each color on their own.

Now usually I am a very matchy matchy kinda gal and if I were to do something it would need to be in a specific pattern. But I want to put these up in a very random manor such as the example below, I made this by just copying and pasting some individual tiles from the above photos to make my own layout.

As you can see... no rhyme or rhythm which is what I want.  I can not even describe how much I am in love with these!  They are so worn and weathered looking... and very Tuscan which is exactly what I am looking for. I plan on using a sandstone or beige grout, I just don't think white would be the best choice.

As of right now the kitchen has a black with grey specks counter top, black/dark grey tile floor and light wooden cabinets.  The plan is to eventually replace the counter top with a nice butcher block type style and the floors a nice Tuscan color tile.  But until I have the money for all of that the black will not look horrible and the tiles will really liven the place up and make it look a bit more 'me'.

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