19/365 : My Obsession

I love reading, I have always loved reading and I do believe I always will. Once in a while a book comes along that makes you feel like no other book (or sets of books) will ever be as good.

I have to admit that I deeply love the Harry Potter books. Andy and I started reading them shortly after Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3) came out. So for Books 4 - 7 we would go to our local bookstore at midnight and wait with everybody else for the new book to go on sale. We would buy two books one for him and one for me as we would both want to read them right away. I was truly sad when I had completed The Deathly Hollows (Book 7) and it came to the realization that there would not be another Harry Potter book to look forward to or get excited about.

No offence to those that do read these types of books, but I have never been one to read artsy fartsy books (for the lack of a better term). I tend to stick to books that either make me laugh or have a story that can truly draw me in.

Since Harry Potter came to an end I have found other books to enjoy... I absolutely love The Inheritance Trilogy, which consists of Eragon, Eldest and the recently released Brisingr. Also the His Dark Materials Trilogy which has The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. Beyond those series of books I also fell in love with Philippa Gregory and her novel The Other Boleyn Girl. I have purchased her other books however they are in my shipment of belongings coming over in November.

However... again... since the Harry Potter books came to an end there have been some great others I have read but none that had me as deeply drawn in... that I cared as much for the characters.. that I couldn't wait until I could start the next book... until now.

Right before Andy and I moved I bought the book Twilight. One of my friends, Josy, had told me how much she enjoyed it and I had been seeing tons of other references to the books Online so I figured I would go ahead and read the first one to see if I liked it.

For me these 4 books have gone above and beyond anything I have ever read. I am sorry Harry Potter but it is time to step aside. The only thing that I am VERY grateful for is that since I started late I was able to read (one after another) Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I do not honestly know what I would have done if I started this series when it first came out in 2006 which would have meant me having to wait patiently for the next books to be published. Let's just say that it would have been a long wait and probably not an enjoyable one for those around me. : )

I am not ashamed to say how much I love these books! Stephenie Meyer may have written them with a young adult reader in mind and you may find them in the Teen Lit section of the bookstore but that should not stop anybody who loves to curl up with a good book from reading them.

I am dying to go back and start at the beginning and reread them all however I am using my powers of self control as the movie version of Twilight will be released in the UK on December 19th so I am choosing to wait until closer that that time to read them again. I am holding no delusions.. I know that movie tie-ins never live up to their book counterpart but I will watch it with an open mind and a hope that they do not mess it up too much.

Okay.. this is my Twilight obsessed moment over with (for now at least.. I can make no promises that it will not be mentioned again at some point). : )

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snowelf said...

I am reading Harry Potter 7 right now. (I'm still at the wedding part) The only one I didn't like of the series was the 5th book, but I'm glad I read it anyway. :)

Meg said...

I was honestly going to blog about it before I saw your own -- how funny! I was reading the page of the picture you took and thought, this looks familiar. I'm so anxious to read the rest now. :-)

Watson World said...

OMG! I just finished Twilight and now I have started New Moon.. I will admit that I wasn't sure about them coming from the 'young adult' section, but hey I'm still a young adult...right?? I will sadly admit that I have never read the Harry Potter books, but I will start them when I am done with the Twilight Saga!! I can't wait!!