21/365 : Beer + Bungee = Crazy

My Mother-in-Law's Pub, The Red Lion, hosted a Bungee Jumping event tonight! Even in the very cold weather (currently 40f) there were quite a lot of people that showed up. It wasn't scheduled to begin until 6:00pm however the first jumper didn't even jump until closer to 6:30.

The above picture was of the first jumper, after him it was too dark to even attempt a picture. My fingers were numb from waiting for him to jump! And as you can see even though they tell you over and over to keep your hands crossed in front of you... he obviously could not resist throwing them out.

From the photo you can not really tell how high they actually take you up but WOW it was high and I would never in a million years attempt to do that. For £50.00 you could jump or for £3.00 they would let you ride up with a jumper so that you can look around at that height. No thank you very much to both options. : )

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Meg said...

I definitely would have wee'd in my pants!