23/365 : Keeping Warm

After waking up this morning I walked down into the living room and Andy had turned on the electric fire place! It was nice and warm.... : )

I love his mom's fireplace, you can't tell it from the picture but the glowing orb rotates and it looks like the 'fire' is flickering. Very nice! The heat actually pushes out from a little fan under the wooden base that the rocks sit on.

Today was a pretty uneventful day. It was very cold and rainy out so we just stayed in and I knitted all day. I'm working on a pretty cool link scarf and once it's done I will post a picture on here. If I have more days like today it will be completed in no time!

We got our slow cooker (crock pot) delivered from Amazon.co.uk yesterday so I went onto Asda's website today and ordered some groceries to be delivered on Saturday. I bought the ingredients for Potato Soup and Chilli. We will be in slow cooker heaven all next week! I love the fact that I can order groceries to be delivered to me... it is such a great convience. The Co-Op here in Westhoughton is really nice for when you need something fast but it's a bit pricey if you want to do your real grocery shopping there. We could go into Bolton to go to Sainbury's or Morrison's but who wants to ride the train back with £70 in groceries? Not me. So the £4.00 that Asda charges for delivery is a steal in my opinion. : )

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