25/365 : All Around Great Night

We had all of this delivered to us from ASDA today for £4.00! Since it cost us £3.60 round trip for Andy and I both to go into Bolton on the train and it saves us having to carry all of this back (which really would be almost impossible) this is the best thing that has ever been offered! Just order online, pick the time you want it delivered and presto... it's there. Wow! And now that all of this has been delivered we have everything we need to put our new slow cooker to work. I think I am going to make either Chilli or Potato Soup tomorrow.. not sure which yet!

The ASDA driver was about 45 minutes late but that's okay it was raining pretty bad today with really heavy winds so I'll cut him some slack. Also I am amazed at how rude people are sometimes... while the poor driver was getting our bags out of the back of the truck two drivers went by honking at him and cursing that his truck was stopped in front of our house. We do live on a pretty busy street but the people that live in England must be used to larger trucks stopping to deliver things on these narrow streets. I mean 99% of things purchased in England can be done online and then delivered to you if not for free for a very small charge. I imagine a lot of people use these services. I am not a saint and I do in fact say the odd curse word (maybe more then a couple...) but to go by and curse at the ASDA driver when he is just out doing his job.

Shame on you.

This evening Andy and I went down to the The Red Lion to listen to the covers band 'Shine'. They were really great and we both enjoyed it a lot! They covered all kinds of music but my personal favourite were the two Oasis songs... Andy quite enjoyed it when they did an Ocean Colour Scene song, which was also very good. All around great night. : )

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Lucky Dragonfly said...

Love ASDA!

Rob and Aimee said...

Ummm...is [curly L]4.00 (haha! i know, 4 pounds, but I don't know how to make that special symbol on my keyboard)...

anyway... is 4 POUNDS like $20?! Because that seems like an awful lot of food!!!

Hope you're doing well! Just checkin back in on ya. :)