29/365 : Let it Snow!

This is looking down on our train stop in Westhoughton. It wasn't a 'white out' but it defiantly snowed some last night.

We again went into Bolton and watched two movies, this time they were Burn After Reading and The House Bunny. Both were pretty funny and made for good day! Brad Pitt was SO funny in Burn After Reading, I suggest this movie to anybody just because of how funny he was.

After the movies were over we went and walked around Bolton and ended up getting something to eat at Weatherspoons. I had fish and chips and Andy had cottage pie and chips, yummy!

After that Andy went on his way by train to the Reebok Stadium and I made my way back to Westhoughton. No there was no fight this time on the train but there was a very rude man next to me. It was a crowded train so I had to stand but this man next to me was using the arm bar to rest up against. This meant that me and the others around him had no where to hold on to. So when the train jumped I made a good effort to fall into him pretty hard. He was like 'It's okay no harm done'. Ha.

Andy and I are going to Blackpool tomorrow, it's only about an hour by train. We made a reservation in a cute little hotel just off the Promenade. We have a lot planned and so far it looks like there is only about a 20% chance of rain but honestly that means nothing... It could mean no rain it could mean rain all day but we'll have fun either way. Blackpool is right on the coast so I know the cold wind is going to be brutal. I plan on wearing plenty of layers, my lesson has been learned (read about my previous lesson here). We plan on going up in the Blackpool Tower, watching the Blackpool Circus, visiting the Louis Tussaud's Waxworks and of course a tour of the Illuminations which is the main reason for our visit. They get turned off this Sunday Nov 02 so we wanted to go before it was too late this year.

Our little hotel has Wi-Fi in the lobby so if we get in at a reasonable hour tomorrow night I will post day 30 but if not then I will catch up when we are back home on Friday night.

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Rob and Aimee said...

So, what kind of camera are you using these days? I can't believe it's almost winter (almost? perhaps snow qualifies as winter, eh?! close enough...) It's actually supposed to be a warm 70 today, so I'm pretty happy about it. Thinking to go outside and try to get some fall shots before it all turns brown and falls off. Have a good one!!

Elynor said...

No snow here, and we're only 50 miles away. I'm jealous!