30/365 : Blackpool

2" of glass stand between me and a 380 Foot drop!

This picture was taken with me standing on the 'Walk of Faith' which is on the lower observation deck of Blackpool Tower. It took me a long time to get this picture taken... not because I was scared to go across the glass but because it is half term and there were tons of kids there that would not stop jumping and dancing on the glass. I just waited around for them to finally leave so that I could take this photo which only had my feet in it and not a bunch of others also. But it was worth the wait. I also got Andy to stand on it also which was a great accomplishment since it was very hard for me to get him to go up to the top in the first place. Once he was past the scary 64 second elevator ride I think he enjoyed it. There are windows in the elevator and I think that without those it would not have been such a hard ride up and down.

We did so much walking in one night! It had to be around 7 Miles once we were done... I was SO tired that I actually fell asleep at around 11:45pm which I do believe is the earliest since we moved here. I'm writing this at 5:00pm and I'm already tired so maybe this trip was exactly what I needed to get my internal clock back in working order.

We have made no plans for this weekend and we hope to keep it that way. I need a break from my two day holiday! : )

I have posted more photos from our trip on Facebook and here is the link if you would like to go view the rest of them.

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