7/365 : Parcel Force

My first of two boxes finally made it today! The Parcel Force brought it at 8:30am. We mailed it from Fort Worth Texas on Friday September 26th and it arrived in Westhoughton UK on Tuesday October 7th. Not too bad I guess...

Not sure if you can zoom in enough on the price but this 24" x 24" x 18" box cost us a whopping $215.65 / £123.18 to send!! Andy and I thought it weighed around 34-40 pounds but when we took it into the Post Office it was 61 pounds. At first the man said he didn't know if he could mail it because of the weight... but then he ended up saying it was okay.

Here are a few of the items that were inside:
1) Large cat litter box w/ covered top (they sale them here but they are VERY expensive)
2) Our Media / DVD Player
3) Cross Stitch thread and and a couple patterns that I had started
4) Yarn and scarves that I had started before we moved
5) A couple books
6) A few sweatshirts
7) Three boxes of Zezty Italian salad dressing mix
8) Two bottles of dry Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing mix
9) Few cat toys

... and a few other bits and bobs that were shoved in to take up open space. So honestly it was well worth the cost to send it over. These were things that we would never have had room for in our suitcases and we did not want to wait for these things until we got the rest of our belongings which are expected to make their way to us sometime in November (coming via boat). Now I can start working on my scarf again... since I have a need for it here!

The other box I am waiting on should be here sometime the end of this week or the start of next. It has my six beautiful umbrellas in it! We thought this was going to be our fourth 'bag' for the plane but we ended up needing another suitcase so we mailed the umbrellas the day we caught the plane. So they were sent on Tuesday September 30th.. I hope they get here soon.. I love my umbrellas! : )

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