8/365 : The Train Into Bolton

Andy and I went back into Bolton today. I took this picture while we were on the train. Since Westhoughton and Bolton are stops next to each other it is not a long journey but it is a rather pretty one. There is also a very nice spot that you pass which opens up to far out hills and sky. I was going to try to get that shot but I was a bit too late. So you have this picture of the horses. : )

We went into Bolton for two reasons.. we wanted to start a new Current Account (Checking Account for those in the States) and we were scouting out the different mobile phone options.

Pretty sure we are going to go with O2 because that is what Andy's mum and sister have so we can use the free mobile to mobile minutes. We are also going to do a Pay as you Go for now, not sure how much we'll be using them so figured if we needed a contract we can get one later.

The phone at his mum's house is not working at the moment so really this is so that we can be contacted as we are about to really start sending out our CV's (resumes). This way at least they will have a way to contact us.

Oh and while we were in Bolton we ate at the Cafe that has the HP sauce on the table.. for FREE! However, Andy ended up ordering a steak pie w/ gravy and he did not even use any! lol I got a BLT on toast with no tomato.. just the bacon & lettuce. The first time I got a sandwich like this Andy went to a shop near our house and when he came back he said the lady had to ask him several times.. "So just bacon and lettuce?" Well today when I told him what I wanted he said he wasn't going to order that for me because they will not understand. So when the lady came around I ordered it and she did the same thing as the girl that Andy dealt with the other day. I had to say a few times.. "Yes a BLT with no tomato, just the bacon and lettuce please". I mean is this weird or something? I just don't like raw tomato people! : )

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Meg said...

I noticed they refer to 'lettuce' as 'salad' here. A ham and cheese baguette with salad. It sounds weird to say it like that.

Also, I won't think odd of you for not liking tomato as long as you're cool that I can't stand onion. :-P