37/365 : Fun Fair & Fireworks!

Tonight we went over to The Red Lion for the Fun Fair & Fireworks and it was a lot of fun! I even got to eat some candy floss (cotton candy), I was going to get some in Blackpool but never made it around to getting any. Since we did not get to see fireworks last night (except for the couple that we could see over the buildings in Manchester) it was great to watch some tonight.

When we were walking down Church Street we could hear the Fun Fair from pretty far away. When we walked around the pub itself I was amazed at what had been set up in their parking lot. It was a proper Fun Fair like we would get back in the States, the kind that they set up in grocery store parking lots. It was amazing!

I have posted additional photos on Facebook and you can view them here:

The Red Lion ~ Fun Fair & Fireworks

I also took a couple short videos with my camera. This is the first time I have ever posted a video on You Tube but it was pretty easy... Here they are!

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Elynor said...

What are you talking about?! Those are great photos! I love the one with the mushroom-thing. And the one with the sort of fireworks fountain.

Meg said...


Parking lot?! I know Andy called you out on THIS one. What happened to CAR PARK?!?! Hehehe.