36/365 : Aha!

I know.. I know.. it's Bonfire night, it's my first year in England, and I don't go to one.

Instead we had tickets to see Steve Coogan at the Manchester Apollo Theatre. To be honest when I bought the tickets I did not even think about it being November 5th. Since I'm not used to there being something to go do on this date it was just another day and I picked it. Then last week I realized what day I had picked when I was searching online for a big firework display to go to. Oh well, there is always next year to see my first big bonfire! As far as the fireworks are concerned my Mother-in-Law's pub is having a Fun Fair with Fireworks tomorrow night so I get to watch those.

Steve Coogan was very funny! He did several of his characters but of course the only one I was personally familiar with was Alan Partridge as Andy had me watching those shows years ago when they were being shown on BBC America. Aha!

Now for those of you who have never seen Alan Partridge here are a few clips that I found on You Tube for your viewing pleasure.

See... funny right? : )

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Beth said...

I love Steve Coogan! Bet that was fun! :)