39/365 : Curious Village

Andy and I took the train into Wigan today. It was the first time we have been to Wigan and we really enjoyed it there, they have a great market. I bought a bag of honey almonds from a stall and they are so yummy.

So let's play a little game of 'I Spy', how many police officers do you see in the above photo? There are eight! Don't let the guy in the yellow jacket walking toward me on the other side of the street fool you, not a police officer he is just dressed like one. Why are there so many police in one area? There was a Wigan football match going to start in about 30 minutes after this photo was taken. They were playing Stoke and from what Andy says Stoke are really known to have hooligans so it was best to be prepared. He said he has been to enough football matches to know when there is a home match that day based on how many police are around.

While we were there we also went to Gamestation and Game to see what they had on sale. We do not have a lack of gaming systems in our house, we have an Xbox 360, we each have a Playstation Portable (PSP) and we each have a Nintendo DS. We like our video games!

I bought a new DS game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village.
After we got back from Wigan we went down to the pub to watch the Manchester United v. Arsenal match. Andy says it was a great game even though he didn't have a huge interest in who won, but in the end Arsenal won 2-1. I played my new game while the match was on... so far it is great! It's a simple walk thru game but as you walk around the village there are brain-teasers after brain-teasers. It's a lot of fun!

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Helen said...

What's the game like? I'm a point 'n' click fiend, and it sounds good!