42/365 : Meet Lily

This is Lily, my Sister and Brother-in-law's Greyhound. She is such a cutie right? This was taken toward the end of her visit and at a very calm moment. She can not lay on the couch without a pillow, what a diva!

Today I had my appointment with a nurse down at the surgery so that I can finish my GP registration. I was scheduled for 11:10 and I showed up at 11:00. They did not call me back until 12:05. People came in after me who had later appointments and got to go in before me. I asked Andy about this and he said 'That's the NHS for you, but at least you did not have to pay anything'. I can see his point.

While I was in with the nurse she was asking about my family health history and she seemed shocked that I answered no to all of the questions. She kept asking 'are you for sure?'. Finally when she asked me about asthma I told her that my younger sister did have asthma as a child but eventually grew out of it and she said 'Well I will put that down because that is a family history of asthma.' Crazy.

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T said...

Im thrilled! Thank you... she is lovely!