41/365 : On My Own

Today was Andy's first day of work and with that it was the first day by myself at home. I ended up staying awake after he left and then decided to venture to ASDA all on my own. I had looked online and found that a bus runs hourly from right outside my house to right in front of ASDA. So off I went.

Here is the pleasant conversation I had with my bus driver:

Driver: Where to?
Me: The Linkway Retail Park
Driver: Where?
Me: The Retail Park by Reebok Stadium
Driver: I'm sorry.. where?
Me: I am going to ASDA

Guy behind me who has a ASDA cloth shopping bag: Middlebrook

Driver: Oh okay, That is all you had to say love that will be £2.50
Me to guy behind me: Thanks

Then after a short 10 minute bus ride we drive right past Reebok Stadium, turned onto a street called 'The Linkway' and then pulled up right in front of ASDA.

What a butt munch of a bus driver.

I took the above picture because I honestly feel that they put these signs on the road for me personally. I do have to admit I am getting a lot better as I have only almost gotten ran over around 4 times. I just find it so hard to look right first, it's like taking everything you were taught about crossing the street as a child and throwing it out the window! I'll get better.

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Meg said...

Matt keeps telling me that we will take a trip somewhere on a bus, but it hasn't happened yet...and I can get called any day now to go into Birmingham City Centre for a supply teaching post. I'll have the worst anxiety attack if I don't get used to being on a bus before hand.

Do you think just ONE bus trip to ONE location will prepare me fully? I guess he has a lot more faith than I do.

Beth said...

Ha! I think those signs are for the natives, not the tourists! If you have to label the streets about which way to look, then maybe you should re-evaluate the system is what I say!! And I get you about fighting childhood teachings. I would just obsessively "look left/look right/look left again/look right again/check the other side of the road..."