48/365 : Phone Interview

Another cold and rainy day .. perfect!

I had my first phone interview today. They said they would pass everything on to HR and if I am successful past this part they will invite me into their offices for a few assessment tests and then if I am successful past that part they will do a face to face interview that day. The best part is that this is the same company that Andy works for. I will be in a different department but it would be great to be in the same building.

I do not have any nice interview clothes so because they may be asking me to come in my father and mother-in-law went with me into Bolton this afternoon so that I could pick me out something to wear. I ended up getting a cute skirt and cardigan from M&S, it was a bit pricey but it's not too fancy that I can't also wear it to work so it was worth it.

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