49/365 : Another View

Yes that is 'My Tree' hanging over me in this photo. Figured I would show you what was down on the ground since I showed you what was up in the air already. Was walking thru here on my way to the Co-Op today and could not resist, everything looked beautiful.

I made fajitas tonight so I had to go pick up some of the stuff. I could not find any Mexican or Spanish rice so I bought the ingredients to make my own from scratch. It turned out really well, but my only complaint is that I bought brown rice instead of white so to me the rice still felt a little hard. It just did not get as soft as what the white rice would have, but it was still yummy!

So I had a call today from the HR department at Andy's work and they have invited me to their offices on Thursday for the assessment tests and hopefully a face to face interview. They said there is a literacy test, numeracy test and a data entry, listening skills test. *whew* I am not very good with numbers so that is my biggest worry, hopefully it's not too complicated.

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