53/365 : Seeing The Family

This picture was taken on the fifth floor of a parking garage in Bolton. Andy's dad added him to his car insurance today so instead of public transportation Andy drove us. Woo Hoo!

I wanted to get a bit of shopping done as I do not have a lot of nice work clothes. I was able to find quite a few cute skits and a couple tops. I am going to go into M & S tomorrow to see if I can find a couple more outfits.

After the shopping trip we went and picked up Andy's dad and we went into Liverpool. First we went to see Andy's Nan and there were a few other members of the family there. I have fallen in love with her little Yorkie dog William!

After that visit we went over to Andy's uncle's house (his dad's brother). His wife and kids were there and this was also a great visit. Andy's dad played on the wii with the kids but sorry no funny moments likes the one I posted before.

After we left we stopped by ASDA because we wanted to get one of their fresh pizzas to eat for tea as Andy and I had only eaten a small bowl of cereal all day... We got there at 9:55pm and as we walked up to the door the lady told us that they were closing in 5 minutes. I found this very odd as on the side of the building it says in big, bold, neon letters "Open 24 Hours". When I questioned this the lady at the door said that by law they can not be open on Saturday night all night as they can not work into Sunday Trading". This made no sense to me but I just said okay and we walked in so that we could grab the pizza. They open again on Sunday at like 10:00am. No sense at all.

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PeacefulYorkshire said...

Yeah, I know the feeling of going to a supermarket that says 24 hours then it being shut!! What a joke! More like it should read open 24 hours total in a week.. haha
Come pay us gals a visit, at Shes not From Yorkshire...love to see you there!