52/365 : Another Kitty Photo

Time for yet another kitty photo.

So yesterday morning I ordered Andy an Everton Kit for £44.00 from Everton's website as his birthday is in December and he has been wanting a long sleeved one to wear to the colder matches. Well... this morning he sent me a text from work asking me to go to JJB Sports and pick him up an Everton kit as they have them on sale for £14.99. *ugh*

I immediately got on the phone and called Everton's Megastore asking them if it was too late for my order to be cancelled and thankfully it wasn't! That was a close one.

Andy's dad and I went into JJB Sports and I got him a long sleeved home shirt, a short sleeved away shirt and then I got myself a long sleeved home shirt. For £14.99 you can't beat it! We have tickets to the Wigan v. Everton match for this Monday night so now I have something to wear. Although I plan on wearing like two long sleeved shirts under it.. it's flippin' cold outside at night.

There was something else that happened today but I'm keeping it a secret for now... I will write all about it next week, probably on Tuesday night! So you will have to stay in suspense until now...

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Helen said...

I love this photo! I can never get enough kitten shots, so keep them coming! :)