57/365 : Let There Be Light

This is the light in my living room. I absolutely adore it! I love the light it casts on the ceiling, the shape and the color. This was a major selling point when it came to me wanting to rent this place. Andy says "It's okay". He is such a boy.

We went to TJ Hughes tonight after work and bought some curtain poles as well as the curtains for both bedrooms and the living room. While we were at work today our fridge freezer and washer dryer arrived. Andy's dad fitted it all for us while we ran to the shop.

Tomorrow right after work we are going to run by ASDA to look for a few more bits and bobs that we will need like a bin, silverware tray, etc.. However, I did already buy a main necessity tonight .. my kettle!

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Watson World said...

I love that fixture!! Really cool!!