56/365 : New Digs

These are my keys to our new house (insert crowd cheering here), for the front and back door.

On November 13th I went for a viewing to a house that is exactly 5 doors down from Andy's parents house and in the same block of homes. I had noticed the day before that a 'To Let' sign had been put out and went online immediately to see the details. I fell in love with the pictures. So I called and booked a viewing and off I went with the in-laws to see it. Andy was at work so he could not go.

Well we all thought it was wonderful so I immediately told the realtor that Andy and I were interested and wanted to start the application process. Since we have been living in the US for 8 years it took a bit longer then normal to do checks but it came back and we were approved. *yay* All with Andy not seeing the inside yet...

But when we went over to sign the letting agreement tonight he got to see it all and loves it just as much as I do.

So everything is signed and we have the keys. We bought a fridge freezer and a washer dryer that will both be delivered tomorrow. I also bought some wardrobes and other bedroom furniture from IKEA but they will not be delivered until next Tuesday. After work tomorrow Andy and I are going to TJ Hughes to see if we can find any curtains that we like. Andy's parents are giving us one of their beds so we are moving it over on Saturday so our first night in our new house will be Saturday. Woo Hoo!

We are very excited to have our own house, we will be forever grateful to both our families for their help ... but we moved in with my mom back in the States in late December '07. Then we have been with Andy's parents since October 1st so we have not technically had our own place for almost a year. During all of this time our cats have been pretty much contained in our bedroom so they are going to be over the moon to have an entire house to run around in.

Speaking of cats ... The only thing that is worrisome about the house and I didn't really think about it until tonight but when you are walking up the stairs there is a part to your left that has a landing with some white railing. If the cats decide they want to play on the railing they could fall and probably hurt themselves as it pretty much goes to the bottom of the stairs. I got a sick feeling in my stomach tonight when I thought about it but hopefully they are smarter then this and do not play around on this railing ... I wonder if there is something I could do to keep them off of it. I mean there has to be houses with a landing that owns a cat. I'm sure I am worrying over nothing.

I will take pictures of the new digs tomorrow night and post a link here!

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Beth said...

Exciting! Congratulations!

Meg said...

You're worrying over nothing. :-D Kitties will be fine. Why else are they given 9 lives?! Hehe.

Can't wait to see the pics!

Also, you'll have to IM me your new addy there.

John said...

I have been on Google maps and seen a birds eye view of you town. It looks interesting and clean. I also looked at homes for sale there.
You made it interesting because of all the traveling you did on trains and buses. I hope the new job wont slow you down but you can't do both and just staying in your own home will be enticing.
Jim (left Liverpool in 1955 and now live in the US rockies and I'm homesick for England)