62/365 : No Admittance

I know... I know... I am a horrible mom.

Now that we have door that separates the dining room and kitchen from the rest of the house we have decided to see if we can try to keep the cats out of that part of the house. They have plenty of other rooms to go in and free range in each of them but it will be nice to keep the food cat hair free. I have always tried my best to keep them off the cabinets in the past but it never works. When I am around I can make sure it happens but not when I am not there.

Gallagher, Rooney and Pazzesca don't even seem to be phased by not being allowed into these rooms. The only reason they are acting like this in the photo is because I was sitting just on the other side on the floor going thru some bages that needed to be put away. I think they are thrilled with having a house to run around in (rather then just a bedroom) and they love the stairs!

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