63/365 : White Tuesday

The beautiful part of snow.

The dirty part of snow.

The what the $&*!@=# part of snow.

This is what happens when Sky takes a week to come and hook up our satellite and we forget to look at weather.com. We had no idea it was supposed to snow last night!

We have to be at work at 9:00am every morning. Normally we leave at around 8:30 and I still have around 5-8 minutes to get a cup of coffee and relax before training begins. Not today.

We saw the traffic outside our house was backed up already so we decided to leave at 8:15. Our drive into work is fairly easy and we only have two roads to drive on. We drive up Church Street and then turn onto Chorley Road and all together it is around 6 miles to work.

Today it took us two hours to get there. *ugh*

We sat on Church street for well over an hour and this is a road that we have to drive about a mile on... if that! I still have no idea what the hold up was. The roads were not even bad and it was obvious that he gritters were out last night so I have no idea what was up.

We ended up being a little over an hour late for work but there were tons of people that did not even bother coming in so I think only being an hour late is pretty good.

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