80/365 : Fried Chicken

This made me laugh. We were walking down the streets of Bolton we came across this little fast food place. As soon as I saw the sign I knew what it was.

I am from Illinois but for the last three and a half years Andy and I have been living in Texas and there was a fast food chicken place called Church's Chicken. Well this sign is exactly like Church's they have just changed the name to Texas Chicken. Here is the Church's sign, you be the judge:

I actually really liked Church's Chicken... we will have to try it out sometime to see if it tastes the same. Seeing as how the McDonald's over here tastes nothing like the McDonald's back in the states... I'm sure it will not be very similar.

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Helen said...

LOL! I remember Church's from back in the '70s when I lived in Louisiana. Have they changed their logo since then? It doesn't look familiar to me!