79/365 : Fairy Lights

I love Fairy Lights (aka Christmas Lights)! Andy and I went into Bolton tonight so I snapped up a few photos of their display in Victoria Square.

Andy and I were going to eat at an Italian restaurant called 'The Olive Press' that I had noticed a couple of weeks back but when we went in tonight she told us that a reservation was required and that they had no free tables. I think we are going to be going back into Bolton on Saturday so I'm going to look for their website and see how to go about booking a table.

We had noticed as we were walking thru the streets that quite a few ambulances were speeding past with their sirens and lights on. When we went back to the train station we found that all of the trains going west toward Westhoughton had been cancelled. *ugh* It wasn't until later that we found out that a train had derailed in Cheshire. It appears that a 4x4 had been parked and because of a faulty hand brake when the guy got out to deliver something nearby the 4x4 rolled down a hill and onto the train tracks. The train hit the 4x4 and the front carriage derailed. Luckily nobody was badly hurt and there were only minor injuries. This must have been why all the ambulances were being called away.

We ended up walking to the bus station and just getting the bus back home. This turned out to be quite an eventful bus ride. At one of the stops between Bolton and Westhoughton this staggering man got on the bus and at about the same time he walked on a woman that was sitting in the front stood up and started yelling at the man that just got on.

It appears that the staggering man was this woman's husband and he was supposed to be home with their two children while she was grocery shopping in Bolton (she was a tiny little woman and was trying to carry around 10-15 grocery bags by herself). The husband obviously had other plans as he was staggering drunk and proceeded to open another can of beer while he was being yelled at by his wife. They made their way to the back of the bus where they continued to argue about the kids being left with her grandfather.

It was then that a man in a business suit stood up and started yelling that he has been at work all day and the last thing he needs to is sit on the bus listening to their domestic and that they needed to give it a rest. The drunk man decides to stand up and tell the business suit guy that if he doesn't shut up he is going to smash his beer can on the man's face. The little woman stands up and tries to get between the two men and finally the suit guy sits down and apologizes about getting involved and says that he has just had a rough day and didn't want to hear any more of the fighting.


My theory is if you are going to go out of your way to get involved in somebody else's domestic you might as well see it thru. It should not end with you apologizing to the guilty party. The little woman started saying that it was her fault (how she worked that one out I am not sure) and that she was the one arguing and that the drunk man has had to put up with it for seven years...

After we got off the bus Andy agreed that if he had to put up with the little woman for seven years he would also be a drunk.

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