85/365 : Lovely Cards

I can not believe it is the day before Christmas! It has honestly come up so quickly... who knows where the time has gone.

These are a few of our Christmas cards that we have received so far and front and centre you will find a lovely Christmas penguin card from my friend Meg and her husband Matt. The others are from family and there are two beautiful homemade cards! Wish I had the time to make my own cards... with work, unpacking, settling in, etc... I was not even able to send out cards this year. *ugh* Next year I will be settled in and will have time to at least send some out. Hopefully!

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Meg said...

I usually make my own as well and I was gutted when I realized we wouldn't have the money this year and I wouldn't have my supplies from home. I had to settle for the penguin cards Matt already had on hand (which I am not a fan of personally, but I'm glad you like it, hehe).

When I saw the picture I thought -- hey! I sent that card. :-P