86/365 : Merry Christmas!!

I can not even remember for how many years I have wanted a Kitchenaid mixer. Last year when we were living with my Mom I used her's as much as I could to make homemade cheesecake, cookies and cakes.

Well this year Andy surprised me with this beauty and I am over the moon. He even got me the fancy version with the larger bowl that has a handle and there is a removable splash guard with an opening for pouring in ingredients. It came with the basic whisk, dough hook and beater attachments.

I told him this will be the gift that keeps on giving as now he will get lovely home baked goodies and it will be easy for him to buy me extra attachments as other gifts for my birthday, etc... He wins on both counts!

I have already used to make two loaves of zucchini bread (or courgette bread if you are in the UK). Later tonight I am going to use it again to make some chocolate brownies that have a cream cheese swirl. Yummy! Bring on the baking....


The brownies just finished and they are VERY yummy!!

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Elynor said...

Oooh, lucky you!

Flowing Desert Photography said...

Looks like you are already putting that gift to GREAT use!

Brianne said...

I've wanted one of those for ages. Can't justify buying it for myself though, for some strange reason, so I'll just wait till I get it as a gift one day.