87/365 : Now That Is Tiny!

I promised Andy that I would not make him go shopping on Boxing Day as we were both wanting to avoid the crowds.

However... I broke my promise.

I had to run to B & Q (pretty much the same as Home Depot in the States, even has the same orange square logo) because I am trying to get the last bit of our boxes unpacked and in order to do that I needed some shelves that I could put in the storage area under our stairs (and no Harry Potter does not live under there). So out we went... thankfully B & Q is not a Boxing Day favourite so it was not too bad, Andy has forgiven me.

While we were there we were walking down the middle aisle and Andy pointed out this very tiny washing machine. I made him stand next to it for comparison... it did not even come up to the top of his leg. I know they have space saving things in the UK but this was going a little too far. I doubt a person could even wash two full size towels in this little thing.

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Meg said...

Which may explain why it is only £99 (if I see that correctly on the tag). How bitty though!

Britishblues said...

We can even beat that for size :-))

Take a look at http://www.amazon.co.uk/WM005-Lifestyle-Compact-Washing-Machine/dp/B0002HDM5Q

Cheers - Joe

Brianne said...

Makes me jealous, even as small as it is. I don't even HAVE a washer in my place. But that's why you are to love your boyfriend just a LITTLE bit more than he loves you, so you can freeload off his washing machine!