89/365 : The Mixer Strikes Again

My new mixer is going to burn out at this rate. Tonight I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. While we were out the other day Andy and I went to a different Asda than the one we normally go to and I was able to find milk chocolate chips. The Asda that we normally go to only has dark chocolate chips... and although I wouldn't mind Andy hates dark chocolate.

I baked just enough for us to eat tonight and then I refrigerated the rest of the cookie dough so that I can bake a few each night fresh. I dislike having to bake them all the first night and then reheating them the following the nights, they get all yucky.

Andy and I went into Bolton today as I wanted to run into TJ Hughes to get another set of my canisters and with everything on sale right now I was scared they would sale out. After that we needed to go into Middlebrook to Pets at Home to get some cat litter. About half way there Andy says 'Crap... Bolton is playing at home and the game is going to be over in about 30 minutes'. Unfortunately smack dab in the middle of the Middlebrook shopping area parking lot is the Reebok Stadium where Bolton plays. *ugh* We ended up running into the store and of course... just my luck... they were completely sold out of all clumping litter. I even asked an associate and he confirmed.

So instead of getting in and getting out we now had to go to Asda, fortunately it is right next door but unfortunately by the time I ran in and out the game was just being let out. I could hear the Bolton fans booing the club off the pitch as I was walking to the car (they lost 0-1).

We were too late. The traffic was already horrible and it would have taken us forever to get out. So we decided to walk about some of the different shops. We ended up finding a few good bargains but it was not how I wanted to spend an hour and half of my day... wasting time until the traffic let up. Note to self: When Bolton plays at home do not go into Middlebrook.

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Brianne said...

There is nothing better than homemade cookies! I made my very first batch over the summer. (I know, I'm behind on the times haha)