91/365 : I Misspoke Before...

Now that is tiny (I take you back to my 87/365 post)!

I honestly can not believe the lack of baking ingredients in the UK. Am I just not looking in the right stores? Am I missing something here? Somebody please help me...

I mean look at the size of these bottles! I had to put a can of soda in the shot so that you could get the idea of their size. One batch of cookies and a batch of brownies later I have already gone thru a whole vanilla extract bottle, what is that about?

I have also been to a few stores and can not find any coconut flakes anywhere! And seeing as how I can't even find any fresh strawberries I doubt I'll be coming across a whole coconut any time soon (as if I would even know what to do with it if I did find one).

Andy said when he was growing up in Bootle (Liverpool area) there was a store that you could go to that had all kinds of baking ingredients in tubs and you just scooped out what you wanted into bags and you just paid for what you needed. I must find a way of searching for a store like this to see if A) they are still in operation and B) if there is one in the Bolton area.

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John said...

It is nice to know there is a Liverpool connection in UKY. I'm originally from Liverpool also.
Say Hi! to Andy.

Helen said...

Hmmm ... that's the normal size of vanilla extract bottles I bought in the US. How much vanilla are you using?!?!

Dessicated coconut will be with the baking stuff in the supermarket (with baking chocolate, choppped nuts, etc.).

Can't you find strawberries? They're not local, but there's no shortage of them! And I saw whole coconuts in the shop just today.

UK Christine =^..^= said...

The vanilla bottles I used to buy in the US were much bigger then this...

I have been to 5 supermarkets now and not a single sign of coconut flakes, fresh strawberries or fresh coconuts. Must be a Bolton thing. :)

To be honest it even took me 3 stores to find pecans! Maybe I am looking at this wrong. Maybe it is not that nobody bakes in the UK maybe there are just a ton of bakers in the Bolton area and they are just sold out of everything!