100/365 : Waiting . . .

This week at work I am on the 1:30pm - 9:30pm shift. Since Andy still has to be there at 9:00am I had been trying to find the best way to get me the six miles from our house to our place of work.

Not as easy as it sounds.

Since the office is just on the other side of a different county the bus situation is a bit iffy and I would have to change. It does not sound difficult but honestly I am not yet comfortable with using the bus on my own if a change is involved. I am always afraid I will be standing at the wrong place waiting, or for that matter get off at the wrong place altogether. Since they do not make a stop at each bus stop and I am not familiar with the areas I would not really know where to get off.

Anyway... after some searching I found a bus which picks almost right outside our house and goes to this small town of Blackrod which is only about a 3 minute drive from work. I don't have to change and since the town is so small it was easy for me to know when I needed to get off.

So I get here at around 1:05pm, Andy takes his lunch at 1:00pm and drives to pick me up to take me back. Easy peasy!

Now the train was an option but it would have required me to go in the wrong direction to Bolton and then get another train into the town of work but that would have taken just over an hour as there is only one train an hour from Bolton to where I am going so the wait would have been long. Not something I wanted to do.

And since this is only going to be happening about one week out of the month I think it is a pretty good solution!

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Meg said...

Just because I'm a beast basically when it comes to walking a lot...I'd be daft enough to attempt walking the 6 mi. to work and avoid public transport altogether. Haha. It's okay...I know I'm strange.

I still haven't taken a ride on a bus here yet!