99/365 : Go Fetch!

This is Rooney relaxing after a long game of Go Fetch!

Rooney has played fetch ever since he was a little kitten. But honestly it seems that since we moved to England he has wanted to play even more. I think it must be the layout of the living room. There is a perfect space to throw his favourite toy behind the 2nd couch and into the area that opens up to the stairs and the kitchen door.

However the best part of playing fetch is when he gets tired and stops. Not because we don't have to play any more but because he is so very cute when he gets tired out as he will run to his toy... meow loudly... then walk back without the toy.. and then jump into your lap to relax. Precious.

I was able to get a short video of him bringing one back and then you get to hear his lovely meow as he is tired out. Andy was playing FIFA '09 online over the Xbox with Wayne (another friend from work) so you can also hear Andy talking to him over his headset.

Now how cute is Rooney?

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Brianne said...

Rooney looks like such a sweet boy!