108/365 : You See That Door?

I have a headache. Is it because I am not feeling well? Nope. Is it because I have had a long stressful day at work? Nope. Then what could it be?

I have a headache from laughing myself to tears at watching Verne Troyer purposely run his scooter head first into the diary room door on Celebrity Big Brother.

Let me set the stage. Big Brother gave everybody some alcohol tonight (we all know this leads to either laugher or fighting... usually both). Verne got a bit tipsy and first spent about 5-10 uncomfortable minutes chatting up LaToya Jackson and apparently trying to 'get in there'.

Then he took another 5 minutes to drive his scooter all around the house while he ignored Big Brother's request for him to come to the diary room.

Then it happened...

Coolio and LaToya was opening the door for him to go to the diary room and calmly Verne looks up to Coolio and says "You see that door?" Coolio just looks back at him and says "Dont do it." Then he proceeds to drive head first into the diary room door.


Andy and I started laughing so hard we had to pause the show until we stopped. Then Andy ended up rewinding and watching it about 10 more times. I seriously do not believe I have laughed that hard in ages.

Obviously Andy kept it on the DVR so I had him play the scene again so that I could record it with my camera. I have posted it to You Tube so that all of you that have not seen it can laugh along with me. For those of you who did see it... watch it again as it is just as funny the 2nd or 100th time.

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FutureMrsC said...

Oh my goodness...did he lose weight? lol

Annnddd.....did you ever see when he was on the Surreal Life? When he got UBER drunk, drove his wheelchair into the workout room (while naked) and peed on the floor. lmao

Thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

LOVE IT!! Haha! Verne is such a badass!