109/365 : Much Improved

Thanks to the suggestions from my friend Aimee (by way of leaving a comment here) I was able to get a much better photo of my Christmas lights. This will be my excuse for still having them up... being able to play around with the manual setting on my camera to get the perfect shot.

I know the new picture is not perfect but it is so very much improved from the last one. What do you guys think?

With the new settings you can not really see the pine cone on the left so I will have to keep playing around. But I was way impressed with the results of my tinkering... thanks Aimee!

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Meg said...

Do you play around with Photoshop at all? I always use Photoshop to brighten my pics since I take most of them without a flash. I also mess with the colour settings a bit as well to make it look as it does to the eye.