113/365 : Further Proof...

That this country HATES grape.

I mean really? Purple = Blackcurrant? I actually went ahead and tried one and at first it was a very weird taste but it did get a 'little' better. Is it as good as grape? Not in a million years. Will it ever be? Not in a million years. But it is not so bad that I will have to ignore them all.

This is my week to work a Saturday so I get this Friday off in lieu... so yay for only having one more day of work until a day off. I really don't mind working a Saturday, I get to wear jeans. Woo Hoo!

On a bad news front my wonderful perfect printer is a dud here in the UK. *ugh* I needed a good scanner before we moved here so when I went to buy a new all-in-one printer I made sure that they sold the same one here so that I could easily buy ink. Well I bought ink the other day and when I put it in it says it is not recognized. It turns out that Epson region codes their ink... What a stupid thing to do. I contacted some companies that have these de-chipper things that can make the cartridge think they are full so that they can be refilled for a cheaper rate but they said it does not get rid of the region coding so it will not work.

So... after work tonight Andy and I went and bought a new printer. I am so mad at Epson that I decided to go with an HP instead. Even though I have Ink that would have worked there is no way I am giving them more money. Plus I never liked that on an Epson if you run out of any of the colours it will not let you continue printer with just the black. Even though the black could be full... it will not let you print. How silly is that?

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