112/365 : Wacky And Fun

My friend Meg started a cool Wacky and Fun Sock Exchange and looky what I got in the mail today. They are just adorable. Whoever you are out there that sent them to me... great choice!

I sent my pair out a few days ago and I hope my person likes theirs as much as I like these.

I was gutted that I had to work today from 9am - 6pm (extra hour today) as I could not watch President Obama's (feels good to say that) inauguration live. However as soon as I got home Andy let me watch CNN so I got to see the recap of everything. They even had the live US Broadcast so it was all of the same presenters I am used to... I love Anderson Cooper! I do miss MSNBC but this was a very good replacement.

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Meg said...

Oh goody! I'm so glad you got your first pair!! :-D

Mine won't start hitting until the friends that you all sent your letters to send out their letters and socks.

I'm looking forward to it though.