125/365 : An Apple A Day...

Andy and I went to pick up some fresh fruit from Tesco's tonight and I was SO excited when Andy pointed out the Fuji Apples!

I love these apples and thought that I would not be able to get them over here... Woo Hoo!

So last night it started snowing and this morning there was about 2-3 inches on the car but apparently that is nothing to what down South is getting! I called to try to book my ILR Visa Appointment and the Home Office was closed due to the weather. I wonder if all of London is at a stand still? Some how I doubt it.

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FutureMrsC said...

Ian crashed his work van, and he's in the Hampshire area. Sooo...it wasn't good. I could see London stopping. Just like in "28 Days Later"....ooohhhh!