124/365 : Signed, Sealed and Delivered

So... a couple of weeks ago I was having a look around eBay and look at what I came across. It was really low priced and only had about 15 minutes left in bidding. I ended up getting it for a steal!

The person selling it is trying to raise some money to go travelling. Her uncle is a grounds keeper at Goodison and had it signed for her in 2005 for her 21st birthday.

After I received it and was able to measure it I then ordered the frame from eBay as well. Which arrived in record time and included was everything I needed to hang it. They even engraved a little plaque for me so I had them write this:

Everton F.C.
The People's Club

Since I was busy last week studying for my Life in the UK Test I waited until today to get it all prepared and hung up on the wall. I made Andy stay out of the dinning room while I got it all together and then I made him go upstairs as I hung it in the Living Room by where our computer is.

In three little words... He loves it!! Very impressed that I was able to get it for so cheap but I explained it was a short auction and I was able to catch it at the right time. And of course I also love it as Tim Cahill signed it just to the right of the two elephants above the Chang logo.


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Brianne said...

That's awesome. Love it! :)