130/365 : Dixie Dean

Andy and I were back in Liverpool today for the Everton v. Bolton match.. which we won 3-0! Yay!!

This statue is just outside the grounds and it was quite difficult to get a photo, there are always a ton of people around it and I had to push my way up. Here is what the plaque says:

Everton Football Club
"Dixie" Dean 1907 - 1980
All in all Dixie scored 377 goals for Everton
in 431 appearances.
Dixie also won 16 caps for England.
It was fitting that Dixie passed away at his
beloved Goodison Park in March 1980
minutes after the final whistle of an
Everton vs Liverpool derby match.

The fans of Everton love this man! Can you believe that he died while watching a derby match at Goodison... spooky.

The match was great. For the FA Cup match we had tickets on the Park End but I wanted to sit in the Lower Gwladys Street end so that I could see what it was like on that side. Figured it was best to get an idea of different seats so that I am more prepared when it comes to looking into season tickets later.

I like the atmosphere on the Gwladys side but I really loved our seats on the Park End. So I think we will probably look to be down on that end. We were able to get the exact same seats for the next FA Cup match as we did for the last one, double yay!

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