132/365 : Unpacked.. But Still Here!

So our kitchen table and chairs have been unpacked and put together... but look at what is still hanging around. I think we are going to load all of the cardboard into the car on Wednesday night so that we can take it all to the recycle centre on Thursday after work.

I am so excited that I have a three day weekend this week! We were going to plan a long weekend somewhere but since we have decided to go ahead and get my Indefinite Leave To Remain Visa now instead of waiting we thought it would be best to save as much money as we can since it will cost us £950 when we go on March 5th for my appointment. *ugh* But there will be plenty of chances to get away for a long weekend somewhere. I am glad nothing was planned though because with the win last Wednesday it means Everton is in the 5th round of the FA Cup and we have tickets for this Sunday so we would not have wanted to miss that anyway.

It is time for me to go get my hair trimmed/cut and I think I am going to get it lightened also. I am normally a dirty blonde colour but the last time I went a medium brown. I love being able to change my hair... just not sure what I will do yet. I will try to do that this weekend also.

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