133/365 : Forever Mine...

These are two curtain rails that I bought from a shop called TJ Hughes. They have been sat in this corner of my dining area for about a month. I have decided not use them in my spare bedroom and therefore do not need them.

I called TJ Hughes today after work and explained to them that they are unopened with tags still on them... but... I can not find my receipt. I told the girl that I did not expect my money back but would be happy to do an exchange as I am sure there is something else that I could find to buy. Did she say no problem? Did she say sure bring them on in? No of course not. She says that if I would like to return them without a receipt then I will need to get a copy of my bank statements which shows a purchase from TJ Hughes and then I can do an exchange for something else.

I mean seriously... This is like the whole Boots issue all over again. I can not even be bothered. I will just keep them because one day I may use them.

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