145/365 : Never Going To Happen

So Andy carried our vacuum cleaner up the stairs so that I could use it upstairs and it is just not going to happen any time soon. I wonder how long it will just be sitting here in the spare room. I should start reporting all of these things that tend to sit around our house to the local bookie so that people can start making bets on them.

It would be better if I had at least vacuumed the lower floor first but I didn't so now it is just sitting up here... I just do not feel like doing anything. Andy is starting to get sick also.. *ugh* I am forcing him to go to the doctors before it gets worse. He wants to give it a couple days but I will not let him let it fester like I did.

So today Everton was away at Newcastle. At one point we were thinking about getting away tickets and driving the 2.5 hours for a little road trip but the way I feel we knew it would not be a good idea. So we just stayed and watched it at home since it was on TV. It ended up 0-0 but only 3 minutes into the match Mikel Arteta was stretched off and it appears to be a pretty bad knee injury. I am not saying this because he is a brilliant player for Everton... but I do wish him all the best and a speedy recovery because it is not good to see anybody get seriously injured.

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