138/365 : The Best Little Spaniard

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Everton Is The Team to Follow
Cos There's Nobody Better Than Mikel Arteta
He's The Best Little Spaniard We Know

Well I still feel like crap today but we went and I am so glad that we did! We ended up winning 3-1 and have made it into the quarter finals of the FA Cup! YAY!

I took this picture as Mikel Arteta was about to take a corner kick in the first half. Below the picture is also one of my favourite chants... it is hard because you do not know the tune it is sung to so I have also found a clip of it being sung on You Tube, I do believe you can find anything on that site!

Mikel Arteta Chant

On the drive home we were listening to the end of the Derby v. Manchester United match so that we could hear the draw for the next round in the FA Cup. Looks like we will be home again against either West Ham or Middlesbrough... bring 'em on cause we will be there!

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