151/365 : Andy The Baker

Andy got the breadmaker out today and made some homemade Hawaiian Bread to have with the Chili that has been cooking in the slow cooker all day.

I love Hawaiian Bread because it has just a hint of sweet to it. Yummy!

Everton was playing at home today but because it was on Sky TV and in HD we decided to save a little bit of money to go toward the season tickets we will be buying next month and just stay at home to watch it. I do have to admit that when the match was getting ready to start it felt weird to be sat on the couch and not in the stands.

But... it will not have to feel weird for long because we have a full schedule ahead of us and have tickets to the next three matches.

04 March, Wednesday: After work we will be driving up to Blackburn (about a 30 minute drive from where we live) for the away match there.

08 March, Sunday: Back to Goodison for the Quarter Final FA Cup match against Middlesbrough.

14 March, Saturday: Back to Goodison for a league match against Stoke.

So... it may have felt weird to watch the boys TV today but for the next three matches we will be there!

Oh and in case you were wondering, Everton won 2-0 today. Yay!

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Andy Baker said...

This came up on my Google Alert. Hope you enjoyed the bread.