154/365 : Completed!

Spent all night tonight getting everything filled in, paperwork in an organized fashion and now I am ready for Thursday!

The passport photo story got even crazier tonight. After work Andy and I decided to run by the Co-Op instead of going into Middlebrook to Asda. I went in, did not smile, had my shorter bangs/fringe and stuck my hair behind my ears. I then took the pictures home to find out that they were very very dark compared to the others and that the background was more of a dark grey and not white. *triple ugh* That is £12 down the drain.

So after we ate some dinner we decided to run back into Middlebrook and to Asda so that we can try a fourth time... which turned out to be a charm. I think I look like crap in the picture but it matches all of the rules so that is all that matters.

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